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About JLM & Faith: 

JLM & Faith is the perfect combination of stylish Christian clothing and inspirational quotes to live by! Every time you purchase a piece from this collection, you will be helping to support Lifeline Pregnancy Center, as well as other faith-based nonprofits organizations. Not only will you look great, but you will also feel great knowing that you are helping to make a difference in the world. Shop JLM & Faith and make a difference today.


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Cross and Clouds

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  1. Our purpose is not to fulfill our own purpose - but God’s purpose.

  2. Always remember God loved you first.

  3. “Jesus - Do you know him?”

  4. Surrender but only to Jesus.

  5. When nothing goes right, go left God’s got you.

  6. God already knew, God already understands.

  7. Don’t be heavy-hearted, try giving yours to Jesus.

  8. I am who God made me to be and that is what matters.

  9. Good Vs. Evil, take your pick.

  10. Your voice matters.

  11. The world is full of lies but Jesus ain’t!

  12. God loves you so the least you could do is love Him back.

  13. Jesus loves you and so do I!

  14. Pray much?

  15. Give me coffee, Jesus, and extra sleep...that sounds like a plan to me!

  16. Be Brave, Be Bold, Speak up for the Lord!

  17. God’s miracles happen every day, if you do not believe that... check your pulse!

  18. Give Faith a try!

  19. Be You.... only You do that best!

  20. Guess who loved you first?

  21. What is the point/ The End.

  22. You have a choice to choose...choose right!

  23. I thank God for being me!

  24. Be different! After all, that is exactly part of His plan!

  25. Pray, God is listening.

  26. God hates evil and He always will. Wrong is wrong just as right is right.

  27. Only QUIT at bad habits!

  28. It is not about being right that matters most, it is about choosing to do right when we know we should.

  29. Listen to your conscience, that is God!

  30. Care more...Judge less.

  31. Don’t worry, we are all wrong...BUT God will ALWAYS be right!

  32. Yes, I love you...ask me why?

  33. I am not crazy I promise, I am just praying out loud!

  34. If I can... then so can you!

  35. A heart without God is like bread without butter...what’s the point?

  36. Sinner by FLESH, Christ follower by CHOICE.

  37. It is not crazy to try to live for God but scary to try to live without Him.

  38. Whatever goes, go with Jesus.  

  39. Jesus is the Author of our Faith.

  40. Run the race by Faith.

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